About Hawaiy

The world is full of beautiful things, like you!

Beauty is in sharing. Hawaiy combines the beauty of nature, tradition, fashion, modernity, culture and quality. We want to share beautiful things and do our best to convey quality, warmth, kindness and beauty. Hawaiy aspires to be an expression of customers' feelings, lifestyles, quality pursuits, attitudes and ideas, not just an item of clothing.

Thanks to our fast, flexible supply chain, we have greatly reduced unnecessary waste caused by unsold inventory. Therefore, we are able to meet customers' needs in a timely manner while saving the planet's resources, not adding additional waste, and not increasing carbon emissions. Fashion should please the earth, not pollute it.

The people who loves Hawaiy must be one who loves quality, loves beauty, loves sharing, loves to convey warmth and full of kindness.

We continue to focus on how to improve the customer experience, looking forward to growing with customers. This is not only reflected in the fashion trend research to clothing design, from plate making to the use of ink, but also reflected in our ability to timely answer customers' questions, pay attention to customers' feelings and feedback. We also have regular and detailed communication with our clients to understand their opinions and needs. We pay attention to every detail in order to constantly improve ourselves and become a better Hawaiy.

Every year, Hawaiy will donate 5% or the equivalent of its net profits to the underdeveloped area and the areas of the world in need of restoring nature. The roses in their hands, the fragrance in mine.